Hacking my Wifi Router with ubuntu
Right now, I'm working on a project with a really old computer, that unfortunately can only use wireless networks and can only use WEP and not WPA encryption (which is what my network is on), plus it can't use Ad-Hoc networks, only access points.

Luckily, I have a spare wifi router laying around that isn't doing anything. I know that if I set my Ubuntu laptop to connect to my WPA router, I can share that network via an Ethernet cord to another computer.

I figure that if I do this, then hack an ethernet cord and a modem cable, by cutting each of them in half, then rewiring them to each other, I could hook my laptop to my WPA wifi, then share it by putting the ethernet end of my cord into my laptop, and hooking the modem cable part into my router, my router might be able to get to the internet, and spread it's wifi.

I'm sure everything will work except the part about hacking my ethernet/modem cable to become one cord. Is this idea plausable? or maybe even possible? Thanks in advance!
you seem to be bit confused here, dear....LAN evolved much before wireless network and if your system has got wireless network, then it ought to have atleast one port to plug the cable in....
And it would be interesting to see a picture of rewiring of ethernet cable with a modem cable....
anyways, what i have gathered herein is that you got to get some knowledge about networking so that you can understand what is feasible and what is not.... so i would request you to search for CCNA or something like that on TPB....
and if you wish to have a knowledge about hacking of wifi routers, you can start by reading about tool called aircrack-ng (which incidentally come pre-installed in linux kali rather than linux ubuntu) but it can be downloaded and installed in most of the operating systems...

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