Final Justice (blu-ray upgrade)
You better run! You better hide! Everyone's favorite indigenous-adjacent Cabbage Apache has arrived in HD. This download includes the recent Rifftrax as well as the MST3K episode audio synced up. The shorter Rifftrax version translated over just fine (aside from abysmal audio quality), but apparently the TV edit that the MST crew used for their episode had some alternate footage used in 2 scenes as well as 2 additional scenes not used in this HD release. Only one Maltese men joke had to be excised, thankfully.

Just a small warning in advance... Palermo is a FUCKING PSYCHOPATH in this cut in ways that are completely absent from both the Riff and MST versions. You definitely dont want any lil riffers in the room when watching this one. Joe Don says Palermo is a pussycat compared to him... christ i hope not.
Thanks for the amazing gift and for the laugh!

Joe Don, our hero Tongue 
I'm stoked for this movie done justice, finally!
You better hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide......your luuuuuuuuuuuuunch!!! Thanks again Billy for goin' head on and syncing these up to's not every day I find out I completely missed an old Rifftrax!
Wonderful Two-fer here. Thanks for doing this for us.
(Aug 03, 2022, 16:27 pm)billythefist Wrote: You better run! You better hide!

Thanks for this! I'm stoked to have it uncut. The video looks great and best of all, the file size is manageable for those of us to whom that is important. Cool
Man oh man, billythefist you have been KILLING it lately. Can't thank you enough for all these uncut upgrades. You da real MVP!!!
billythefist you are LEGEND!!!! I've seen Final Justice at least 30x (MST3K or RiffTrax) & I've always wanted an uncut upgrade. Thanks so much for delivering the great stuff, billythefist!
Really great work, it's double the effort getting both MST3K & RiffTrax synced. Thank you!
Thank you billythefist!

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