Films you've watched recently.
Tetris (2023). A "comedymentary" on an obscure little game from the Soviet Union that took the world against all chances.
(Apr 09, 2023, 09:12 am)dueda Wrote: Tetris (2023). A "comedymentary" on an obscure little game from the Soviet Union that took the world against all chances.

How do you like this movie? This plot seems funny to meĀ  Smile
Shazam - Fury of the Gods
The Iron Giant: very good movie, animated.

They don't make movies like these anymore!
The recent movie I've watched is Babylon. And it's a masterpiece from start to finish! I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Just watched Drive (2011) and well... We all know it's downhill from there.

Joke's aside, it's a pretty great movie. The style pulls you in and won't let go. The acting is pretty great too. Now onto read the books.
The Seventh Seal.

Very complicated.
John Wick Chapter 4 2023.
(Dec 01, 2013, 02:40 am)RobertX Wrote: A Better Tomorrow II starring Leslie Cheung and Chow Yun-Fat.

Hong Kong movie with parts of the film in America. I like how the bad guys are always Caucasian.

You wouldn't happen to know where a dude can get an english dubbed copy? Just noticed the copy I had is gone.
No, sorry, only Cantonese dubbed (original) with subttiles.

You see, being a Chinese guy who speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, it would be an affront to be caught dead with a dubbed copy of any Chinese movie (*cringe* Bruce Lee's chopsocky movies *cringe*).

You can try Avistaz; if you need an invite, PM me, though I think chances of finding it there are slim and slim just went out the door.

EDIT: Actually, I was wrong! A copy of the film is available with English, Chinese, and German dubs is indeed available! An invite is yours for the asking, but PM me!

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