Filesharing monetization through ratio system
I think I might be leening towards joew means, before I actually read the article.

I thought this thread was going to be about "upload more, get $$$/GB", so I do believe the wording of monetization sounds wrong here
If a tracker chooses to have expensive ratio, making the freeleech scarce, uploading new stuff is a way of getting some buffer. It makes the catalogue bigger. But at the same time, if the ratio is scarce, nobody downloads those rare files, because people don't have the buffer. So retention doesn't mean nothing if downloads are the exception. It's just a brag.

The speed is a relative thing too. It only makes sense to talk about high speeds if that speed is being used. If no one is downloading from you, it doesn't matter how fast your connection is. The rare times you get a connection, the speeds would get to the maximum, but 99% of the time it will be just idle.

The real value is the number of downloads. The real speed is efficiency.

Of course in public trackers the speed is lower, but that's because the bandwidth is actually being used. Private users would say that's because public users don't use their bandwidth to upload, when in fact is the opposite.

The much higher efficiency and number of users in public sites make the number of downloads orders of magnitude higher than the ones in private ones, giving a proper contextualization of file sharing, and another argument about why those two things shouldn't be compared in terms of equality.

Freeleech is necessary for ratio system to work. Without it, the system just gets stuck. If you make it scarce, in order to make the ratio more expensive, you are making efficiency even worse, because users download it even if they don't want the files. People are "sharing" junk files that nobody really wants, making the scant number of downloads even more meaningless. Although saying a file hoarder doesn't want a file is maybe too bold, indulge me.
I have always stood for freedom to share.
When people are free, they share more.
I've never used a private tracker because of the ratio thingy, also because I've never needed to. You don't have to either. And triple posting doesn't help you make your pretty confusing point.

It's like the diamonds you mentioned. If you want it, buy it, if you don't, you don't. You can always go out mining for diamonds yourself if you want. Or downloading from public sites. No one is forcing you to do anything.

connor17 edited Nov 23, 2016 15:05 pm this post because:

This thread is about how the ratio system works. Repeating "just don't use it if you don't like it" doesn't contribute to the discussion of the topic.


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