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Facebook bans all content on vaccine awareness, including facts about ingredients
The tech giants are now moving aggressively to ban all speech that contradicts whatever “official” position is decided to be “the truth” by the corrupt establishment. This week, Facebook announced it would block all content on Facebook that questions the official dogma on vaccines.

Facebook is achieving this by labeling vaccine awareness information “misinformation” or “hoaxes.” At the top of the list is the assertion that vaccines are linked to autism — something that even the CDC’s own top whistleblower scientist reveals to be true, yet the vaccine industry claims it’s all a hoax.

“Monika Bickert, Facebook’s vice president for global policy management, said the social media network would reduce the distribution of false data and provide users with authoritative information about vaccinations."

Of course, “authoritative information” means whatever propaganda the vaccine deep state is pushing at the moment. The vaccine industry is steeped in conflicts of interest and a long history of suppressing scientists and whistleblowers who attempt to warn the public about the toxic effects of vaccine ingredients such as Thimerosal (containing mercury), aluminum adjuvants, MSG, formaldehyde and other neurotoxins that are openly admitted by the CDC to be ingredients used in vaccines administered to children.

Just recently, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons denounced mandatory vaccines, citing “no rigorous safety studies” and warning about vaccine industry corruption of science. Their statement includes the following:

* Manufacturers are virtually immune from product liability, so the incentive to develop safer products is much diminished. Manufacturers may even refuse to make available a product believed to be safer, such as monovalent measles vaccine in preference to MMR (measles-mumps-rubella). Consumer refusal is the only incentive to do better.
* There are enormous conflicts of interest involving lucrative relationships with vaccine purveyors.
* Research into possible vaccine adverse effects is being quashed, as is dissent by professionals.

* Vaccines are neither 100% safe nor 100% effective. Nor are they the only available means to control the spread of disease.

The bigger picture in all this goes way beyond the issue of vaccines, of course. With this decision, Facebook is now signaling that it will ban all conversations or content that contradicts “official positions” on any topic. Those topics will very rapidly be expanded to include GMOs, cancer treatments, water fluoridation, politics, elections, abortions, pesticides and nutrition.

The problem with Facebook relying on so-called “authoritative sources” for censorship is that such sources almost always represent the corrupt globalist, pro-pharma, pro-establishment point of view that’s steeped in fraud, deception and falsehoods. Vaccines, for example, are so dangerous that the U.S. government has now paid out nearly $4 billion in awards to families of vaccine-damaged children, yet any mention of those government statistics which are openly published by HHS (VAERS.HHS.gov) will be falsely labeled a “hoax” by Facebook, since the vaccine industry falsely insists that vaccines have never harmed anyone.

Thus, truth become a “hoax,” but lies become the “official truth.” Facebook becomes the Ministry of Truth (or more accurately, the Ministry of Lies), and all voices of truth and reason are silenced in the name of protecting corrupt, harmful industries that sacrifice children for profit.

This is what it has all come to now, which is why people are leaving Facebook in huge numbers.

Facebook sucks balls.

So does using "naturalnews" as a source, passing off the antivax agenda as an attack on Facebook.
The Health Food business is as corrupt as pharma.

Thimerosol is rarely used these days.

People *can* get nasty reactions from vaccines. Perhaps even autism in a few. The result of an inflammatory process in the brain, from an allergic reaction.

However ALL medical processes are based on the concept of *risk vs benefit*.

If a medicine will kill one patient, but save 10, it will be used until a safer one can be developed. Not hypothetical. It was the case of an antipsychotic for extreme cases a while back.
(Nov 30, 2019, 17:32 pm)Moe Wrote: Facebook sucks balls.

So does using "naturalnews" as a source, passing off the antivax agenda as an attack on Facebook.

If Facebook censors information on health topics, I will call them out on it as should any one who is interested in the concept of free access to information.

By providing the news link, it is not an endorsement of Natural News. The article is a very important counter to the claims of Facebook that anti-vaccine groups are spreading misinformation.

The writer of the Natural News article provided accurate information as a rebuttal to Facebook's statements and actions.

After all, with the concept of free access to information in mind, it should be the readers on Facebook who decide what they wish to view in the matter, not a corporate entity deciding for them what is "authoritative" health information and what isn't.

If you read through the available data provided by anti-vaccination supporters, you will see that they certainly offer authoritative information from whistleblowers, physicians, parents, researchers and others. 

They have a right to be heard.

Below, you will find the "mainstream media" sources for this news release. The problem with their reporting is that none of them offer a valid counter to Facebook's claims or even a reasonably balanced approach. 

They all agree with Facebook's actions and with censorship. 

They label the anti-vaccination data as misinformation and even go so far as to call it propaganda.

CBS News:

The Guardian:

The Telegraph:

The New York Times:

Keep This In Mind:

Vaccine Market Size Worth $44.26 Billion by 2024
The problem rests of the fact that there are no true public social media venues. They are all korporate, and freedom of speech simply does not apply to them. The public is first and foremost the product, and not the customer.

The only solution to this problem is to make social media P2P without any central servers or control.

The FCC should be mandating permanent IPs for ISP customers. Allow personal servers.

Let Facezuch rot in hell.
I got a flu shot a month ago, and I feel just fine -- no different.
Me too. The benefits far outweigh the risks.

What we call Alternative Medicine is not new. It was around 200 years ago, long before the advent of evil pharma korporations.

But the average lifespan was around 40.

Sometimes you just got to give the Devil his due.
my boss is an anti vaxxer. he has a 3 year old daughter. DEVOUTLY believes in bigfoot. also aliens built the pyramids. yall seeing a pattern?
(Nov 30, 2019, 17:32 pm)Moe Wrote: Facebook sucks balls.

So does using "naturalnews" as a source, passing off the antivax agenda as an attack on Facebook.
Absolutely I have never used it and never will> Its always been a propaganda mill and it is getting worse.

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