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FTVGirls (any FTV collectors out there?)

I need some assistance completing a few FTV I cannot seem to complete:
0%       None     Unknown      0.0     0.0   None  Idle         FTV Lily - Masturbation Adventure
99%      6.08 GB  Unknown      0.0     0.0  1824021  Idle         FTVGirls.14.04.04.Mila.Discovering.Her.Limits
4%      188.7 MB  Unknown      0.0     0.0    7.8  Idle         FTVGirls Sandra [argv@18p2p]
14%     646.3 MB  Unknown      0.0     0.0    6.7  Idle         FTV Girl - Miley
88%     239.1 MB  Unknown      0.0     0.0   30.1  Idle         FTVGirls.com_13.06.08.Casie.Short.On.Wardrobe.XXX.IMAGESET-FuGLi[rarbg]
23%     480.3 MB  Unknown      0.0     0.0   63.7  Idle         FTVGirls Sofia
1%      14.68 MB  Unknown      0.0     0.0   15.6  Idle         FTVGirls Stormy
n/a      None     Unknown      0.0     0.0   None  Idle         FTVGirls.15.02.13.Ariane.Warming.Up.To.Adult.XXX.1080p.MP4-KTR
73%      5.73 GB  Unknown      0.0     0.0   None  Idle         FTVGirls.18.09.20.Alyssa.Kinky.Kind.Of.Girl.XXX.1080p.MP4-KTR
76%      3.40 GB  Unknown      0.0     0.0   None  Idle         FTVGirls.15.02.13.Ariane.Warming.Up.To.Adult.XXX.REPACK.1080p.MP4-KTR
and https://pirateproxy.live/torrent/8115816....Miley.XXX.[Pirates-Vault]

FTVGirls.15.02.13.Ariane.Warming.Up.To.Adult.XXX.1080p.MP4-KTR vs.
- I'm not sure which one will complete so I just went for both

These appear to be challenging to even find, now, so I'm including what references I can:

Name: FTV Lily - Masturbation Adventure
Hash: 495e66672963314e8a340f417ff614b35d22d3d1
* See notes, below
Name: FTVGirls.14.04.04.Mila.Discovering.Her.Limits
Hash: ebe41e519831249126be3696e98a968130a3c954
URL - https://pirateproxy.live/search/ftvgirls...ing/1/99/0
Name: FTVGirls Sandra [argv@18p2p]
Hash: de6187b63a108b23f5b2bdfa841e9f7e0e48bcb2
URL - https://cilimp4.com/search/hash/de6187b6...8bcb2.html
Name: FTV Girl - Miley
Hash: 021a606dcd8869ee996e34448ba11f629fdd7866
* cannot find any reference
Name: FTVGirls.com_13.06.08.Casie.Short.On.Wardrobe.XXX.IMAGESET-FuGLi[rarbg]
Hash: 123809ee690d1d3dcf526ab0a7b032b35e8c7d5a
URL - https://rarbgmirror.org/torrent/tcaed3w
Name: FTVGirls Sofia
Hash: 668858465453919eb0abd44a2f2ce3dfb4055208
* cannot find any reference
Name: FTVGirls Stormy
Hash: c8a744f65747eee9e80d1503aa2a617a388b4bd5
Model URL - https://www.ftvgirls.com/update/stormy-572.html
Name: FTVGirls.15.02.13.Ariane.Warming.Up.To.Adult.XXX.1080p.MP4-KTR
Hash: 28ec92d7ac9bb16c4f2698d0d25d895131f959f7
URL - https://rarbgmirror.org/torrent/g3hrx76
Name: FTVGirls.18.09.20.Alyssa.Kinky.Kind.Of.Girl.XXX.1080p.MP4-KTR
Hash: 94483a3d0ca8f6b4d30dc8d28a97a16042fc1e68
URL - https://rarbgmirror.org/torrent/5fvwpl7
Name: FTVGirls.15.02.13.Ariane.Warming.Up.To.Adult.XXX.REPACK.1080p.MP4-KTR
Hash: 4d36e7b9c6a07994f97f245e43a49ca0e4641c9c
URL - https://rarbgmirror.org/torrent/wlay6nt

FTV Lily - Masturbation Torrent References
Only two valid torrent references I was able to find (with magnet links):
https://www.cili8.biz/detail/495e6667296...2d3d1.html - took forever to load

Model Reference (FTV Lily - Masturbation Adventure):
Reference for the video (I believe this accurately represents the overview image of the torrent content):

Thank you very much!  I'm happy to dig through my collection if anyone needs something I have and am currently not seeding.

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