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Thank you, maybe I searched for "titles" instead of "Post", or the other way around...either way, sorry I missed it,but thanks for the response.
Pretty self-explanatory. I'd like to be able to check that "anonymous" box that I forgot to check when I uploaded one of my torrents.

Being able to update obsolete screenshots in the description would be an obvious nice ability as well.

After reading the other posts, I don't really see how being able to edit a torrent's description would be life threatening even if their account was hacked... Just don't allow torrent deletion.

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There is a delete button.. missing an edit button.. you want to edit the descriptions , tags, title..

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Adding an edit button isn't going to happen anytime soon - it'd' be abused by the fakers for starters, leaving crew to clean up the mess.

If an uploader has made a mistake with the title or description of a torrent, they can post in the Account Issues forum and ask Crew to edit it for them, or, alternatively, jump on the TPB IRC chan and leave a message/query for crew on there.

/join #thepiratebay.org
I see, cool.. thanks
I guess this option should be added only to trusted and vip uploaders, so it can't be abused by fake uploaders.
(Jan 30, 2014, 11:11 am)akun Wrote:
(Jan 30, 2014, 09:56 am)gnv64 Wrote: Bringing the feature back atleast for VIP uploaders would be nice! Smile

The feature was removed because hackers (of tpb accounts) were using this feature to delete torrents of the hacked user.
As it concerned also VIP/Trusted users, this feature was deactivated in order to prevent this misbehaving that could kill very important torrents.

So it's unlikely that we'il see it again one day.

Well I'm not worried if my account gets hacked. I want to be able to edit my uploads. Can't the admins activate this feature at least for those who want it?
I hope it doesn't come back, the abusers now will stay down, unless they wanna deal with the staff. They really won't deal with staff and will give up, so it works mutually.
(Oct 29, 2017, 05:17 am)Sid Wrote: No

exhaustively comprehensive

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