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 <<<<<<  From Season 3 ( the first year in color ) , it's The Danny Kaye Show !  
Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten were regulars. This episode is from 1965.

Guest stars are Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, movie star Senta Berger, and actor / singer Topol.
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<<<<< Second Season episode from 1965 with guest stars Lauren Bacall, Jason Robards, and folk singer Danny Cox.
The first sketch has one of Harvey Korman's most energetic performances as a game show host.
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 <<<<<<  3rd Season continued. Another episode from 1965, with guest stars Bob Crane of " Hogan's Heroes " and Tammy Grimes.
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 <<<<< This 12th Season 1963 episode of the popular western anthology series is entitled  " The Holy Terror " , 
and stars Penny Singleton, Dick Foran, Sharon Farrell, and Stanley Adams.  It was recorded off the Starz-Encore Westerns channel.
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NOTE : I'm no longer seeding these game shows. If you want these episodes, you can find them where I did : on You Tube. Smile

MATCH GAME 75 -- Robert Vaughn, Patty Duke, Mitzi McCall, Gary Burghoff ( Day 5 )

SUPER PASSWORD -- Jamie Farr vs. Constance McCashin ( Day unknown )
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 Here's a Fourth Season Danny Kaye Show from 1967 with Liberace, Vikki Carr, and Harold Gould.

The first minute is missing. Plus there's also about just as much missing from the James Blonde sketch,
which I separately managed to find in its entirety and included here.
[Image: b_200052.png]

 3rd season show with Vincent Price and the return of singers John Gary and Vicki Carr.

[Image: b_200055.png]

One the last shows of the series, from the 4th Season with guest stars George Burns and French singer Mireille Mathieu.
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This is the 1976 pilot episode to 3 GIRLS 3, which lasted only 4 episodes ( of which I only have two ).  The series was taped mostly in 1977, and starred Mimi Kennedy, Debbie Allen, and Ellen Foley.  Included is a preview clip of the 2nd episode with guest star Flip Wilson.

Guest star cameos in this first show by Carol Burnett, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bob Hope, and Jack Albertston.
[Image: b_010531.png]

 The fourth and final show with special guest star Steve Martin.
[Image: 015634.png] [Image: b_185238.png]

RICKLES -- This Las Vegas Don Rickles special was one of the first shows made for home video....even though it has no profanity. It features Don Adams, Jack Klugman, Michele Lee, James Caan, Arthur Godfrey, Michael Caine, Elliott Gould, Jack Palance, Jose Ferrer, Otto Preminger, and Bobby Riggs. Also with Loretta Swit and Larry Linville from M*A*S*H .

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