Download Genius: IT IS A SCAM.
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(Sep 22, 2014, 02:36 am)NIK Wrote: That won't happen.

The most you might conceivably achieve, with considerable effort, is to have the page removed.

i wasn't really sure whether to believe this site or not, and then i saw the 3 dollar plan and decided to try.. i should have read this forum before, because none of the files worked + i couldn't login to my account and then i read that if you didn't cancel the plan it would charge 39.99 dollar every month.. and because you couldn't login it wasn't possible.. after reading this forum i immediately closed my card and asked for a new card..

it did strike me that it could be a scam, but i did it anyway.. i'm so stupid, atleast they only got 3 dollar because i closed my card as fast i read this forum, so thanks.
I got 'done' this morning by this site. Stupid stupid me..... cancelled my card less than 20 mins later..... login didnt work (now I know why) and no email back..... so I sent them an email 'get the money out now, the card is dead & you ripped me off for the 1st & last time'

Strange I didnt hear back from that one either.

Wish I'd read here 1st.

All of them are the same. I wish I had read this before I went and paid USD3.00. And I was trying to be a good gf and get a book for my bf, too.


Immediately called my bank and cancelled the card. I'll be charged USD20 to get a replacement, but it's still better than these idiots. Every time you try to get to the 'right website' the link changes. Also, a lot of sites out there are using these 'links' as legitimate downloads for books, so beware.

I never thought I'd fall for this....!!

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