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Donald Trump fucked
(Jan 16, 2021, 15:13 pm)Fant0men Wrote: By the way, did you hear that they finally figured out who Satoshi Nakamoto is IRL?

I honestly can tell you that I've never heard of that person but thanks for the information.  I only have experience from Bitcoin for what I've already done previously which isn't that much.  The main point here in this thread, Biden getting in has driven up the price where as before with Donald Trump, price was low, less likely to be at a loss if buying in today's market.
About your predictions, Fant0men, at least the unfolding of your predictions won't be boring. Big Grin

Burn, baby, burn!
There is a rumor that SloJo-Ho is going to impose a 2 week shutdown from the *federal* level, something totally unconstitutional. If only to pizz off the Red States, it seems.

The War between Red and Blue is going to be very different from the War betwixt Blue and Gray, on many different levels.
It will be urban vs rural. Supply vs processing/commerce.

While the demonrats will do everything to foster social chaos, the elites are nominally Fabian Socialists, who understand the need for bread and circuses to keep the torches and pitchforks of the untermensch away from their gates, as what started to happen with the BLM nonsense.

The destruction of the middle class is essential for any realistic long term plans for centralized world governance by a gaggle of oligarchs. The elephant in the room is Peak Oil. Alternate fuels will never supply the needed energy density and utility. EV cars? Nonsense, as they require more carbon sources than an ICE car per mile, and per unit. Electricity does not come from the sky, especially at 100KW recharging rates.

gates and others are starting to buy farm land now. The plan is clear - destroy the small to mid size farmer class, sweep in and buy the lands and farms for pennies on the dollar, and then control vast areas of the Red center, sending all the bankrupted to the cities as despised white underclass.

Happened may times before, most notably when the brits shut down the Commons with their endless hedge rows. The Irish rioted, and were sold off as slaves. Or starved.
(Nov 07, 2020, 12:53 pm)Lol very well said . I totally agree. So happy hes gone Wrote: So what's in store now for the world's most despised fascist thug?

Indictments, convictions, imprisonment - and I look forward to every single humiliation along the way.

With luck, he'll follow the lead of his buddy Jeffrey Epstein and save the state some money.
(Jan 22, 2021, 03:07 am)eagle3303 Wrote:
(Nov 07, 2020, 12:53 pm)Lol very well said . I totally agree. So happy hes gone Wrote: So what's in store now for the world's most despised fascist thug?

Indictments, convictions, imprisonment - and I look forward to every single humiliation along the way.

With luck, he'll follow the lead of his buddy Jeffrey Epstein and save the state some money.

I very much doubt it.  I would say that a lot of the stuff you hear about all this is just media drama that has been designed in that way to spread bad messages across the USA.  I believe non of it, if anything I believe a lot of the stuff you hear in the news is more likely overexaggerated in most ways and really take all that information you hear about with a pinch of salt.  Just sounds like more the kind of thing you hear in a leftie woke kind of world where people are out to point the finger but I really believe that in many people's eyes the truth is far from, in other words believe what you want but it just sounds like people who are picking on other people just because they don't like them.  In this current world too much nonsense said in the media probably best to ignore most of it as these people just want to put on a show and that's simply it.
In a world where infotainment has replaced journalism, the media is generating mindless memes and kabuki theatre, and resolutely committed to not fall out the Overton Window.(Framed by their owners).

The chump was an uninvited guest at the Mad Hatter Tea Party (aka Deep State) and is now being led off to face the wrath of the Red Queen.
We've fallen down the rabbit hole on 9/11/01

If chump was a fascist, the real economy would be whirring along (not the fake rentier financial economy). A real fascist jumps in bed with the corporate hos - but holds the whip. Look at El Duce and the Little Corporal.

I believe Biden will blow up the economy by tossing the proles enough carrots to excessively inflate and crash the dollar.
All of which could be avoided by a dirigist policy of reindustrialization, and with wage and price controls (that worked well for Nixon after he destroyed the Bretton Woods framework) .

But we must realize that neoliberalism was fully weaponized by Clinton and his succeeding surrogates, and that the repugs simply made the banality and brutality of our domestic and foreign policies egregiously obvious. The demonrats believe in *fascism with a friendly face* while the image the repugs evoke is a jackboot on a neck. (and not that of the Floyd type idiots).

chump was a Black Swan that laid an egg that will hatch into a kraken. That will shred the globalist empire.
Probably nothing of note, probably will just go into hiding, he's got enough money to do it.

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