Dofantasy 586 State Secrets
does anyone have a seed or torrent for the latest story please.

Thanks in anticipation as always.
Once upon a time Dofantasy comic books were seeded within days of their publication.
Total rip off a single pdf is circa €20.
Hope someone still has an interest in seeding the later issues like they did up to either 500 earlier ones.

Thanks again people for taking an interest.
And even bigger Thanks to future seeders
Sadly (very) sadly still no seeders, hopefully (as always) someone will step up and become my hero this month.

Thanks again people for taking an interest.

And even bigger thanks to future seeders for this and future hunts.
Hi everyone.. sadly still no seeds for the dofantasy comics published after edition 500 (circa).

Hopefully someone who has the skills will complete a partial site rip and rectifies the availability of comics published after edition 500
Still no luck, I "really" hate doing this ...but this is sadly an unashamed bump.

Thanks in anticipation as always.
I had a look and all I could find is this but I don't think it what your looking for

Thank you I'll take a look... and report back

The link above is very useful it's for all comics 001 - 572.

I'm still looking for State Secrets it's numbered 586.

Hopefully it will be shared soon
Thanks in anticipation as always...
Sadly 586 State Secrets wasn't in the collection.
I'm still hoping for a torrent to appear.
Many thanks in anticipation again.
This is an unashamed bump.
I'm still looking for Dofantasy... State Secrets #586

As always many thanks in anticipation.

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