Does vinyl really sound better?
Lots of interesting stuff here, but most hardware is not really accurate - Unless you can pay for a proper located accoustic lab, we are talking about consummer-, mass production- grade techs. Even so, most people won't benefit from such accuracy, nor will want it - Billy Idol wouldn't be the same on a classic setting.

I believe CD is much better than vinyl as a media, altough not perfect. That doesn't mean the mix of source, production, media, reproduction, environment and audience will achieve a better perception. Also I believe producers and consummers are not giving sound the attention it deserves - Maybe result of a noisier world or an era more attracted to other aspects of life.

Anyway, it is a product for the masses, and in the end, that's what brings us here (this forum), right?
To me there are so many variables(room, system, recording, ear opinion). But I dont think you can beat the intimacy that a vinyl record and turntable bring to the equation. Digital music is unbeatable for artist/song discovery thx to torrents/spotify but I will all to often skip listening to an entire album and miss an artists full song/story when the source is digital. On vinyl not playing the entire album is much more rare and my experience taken from that is always greater. Its more than just how it sounds every time you have a musical experience.
Have fun not being able to listen to your favorite songs after a while then...

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