Does vinyl really sound better?
Thanks for the edumacation!. I've always enjoyed vinyl, but I love my digital shit... Another noob question. Can youhook a record player, and get the sounds to a computer format and keep it's losslessness. Turn the analog to digital so to speak...Well, it'll always be analog, but put it in a digital format?
you bunch don't get it
vinyl physical properties are infinite, like the universe
anything engraved in that substance has infinite bandwidth !!!

See how Sony is reselling records???


Well here you go...

After 28 years... I think I still have my Public Enemy Records, and Def Jef's Black to the Future single.   Good times.
That's very interesting.

Why is something true? Because everybody does it.

Creating trend patterns is marketing. Falling for that is our lost.

The essence of filesharing and copyleft and all that is to understand that marketing is the weapon of copyright holders, and therefore our enemy.

Vinyl users, hipters, are just consumers, trendy stuff followers. If we all are just consumers, then all this filesharing thing is just a travesty.
I'm converted. I threw away all my vinyl records and now I stream the low bitrate version of Spotify free.
"Analogue resolution is infinite."

That's a lie, but not just a lie. Because everything has a purpose. And what that could be?
The answer to that is pretty ugly, I'm afraid, because it reflects our own vanity.
It's a motto, it's just marketing, and it shows what we really are, consumers.

The mere idea that a physical medium can deliver infinite measurements should provoke mockery, the absolute ignorance about basic science disdain, but the arrogance of the consumer trumps everything. The customer is always right.,9...cseen.html
The truth is that vinyl is around 12 bit resolution, being a low-fi medium. But that's not the point, because the truth was never the point. 16/44 is not enough, nor will be 24/96, because nothing will never be enough. Programmed obsolescence is a never ending commercial.

The real question is if we are just consumers or something more.
Sounds like an overly simplistic false dichotomy. We are either consumers or something better? If I can get 24/96 files for free off a private site and share them with the world via TPB, how does that negatively affect you? If you don't contend they sound better that's your right. But looking down on people who want better quality than you upload for free is just absurd. I understand your argument if I were buying the files I would be getting ripped off and sold the same thing again. Marketing is completely silly. But if I'm able to get 24bit FLAC for free and share it with the world, why does that bother you? I'm not selling 24/96, I'm not restricting access to it. I'm not forcing anyone to re-buy an album they bought in a lower quality. In fact when I upload 24bit FLAC to TPB I'm saving someone from having to "consume" that album with money.
24 bit is another marketing scam. "24 bit sound better" is another lie, another motto.,93853.0.html
Anyway that's another thread.

The point of filesharing, imo, is to bypass not only copyright, but marketing too. If people sharing files repeat copyright holders mottos like parrots the image of file sharing gets really confusing, the message is nonexistent.

If the only thing that can be said is that I download whatever the fuck I want, that's just the consumers answer to every fucking thing. Of course anyone can upload/download whatever, but that's not the point, that's not why kopimi and piratebay and all that was created in the first place.

If we just hoard files following marketing trends we are just consumers, and the fact that we don't pay for it doesn't change anything. The point of filesharing is to make a better world fighting copyright, not to download products following product placement mass media marketing campaigns. That would be a freak show. In many aspects it already is.
You both have interesting points. If I’m reading this correctly, you guys are arguing apples and oranges.

Politux is saying he likes vinyl and enjoys the quality. I'm not going to guess where he's coming from, if he likes the sounds because he thinks it's better than digital, or if the vinyl sound produces a nostalgic sound that he appreciates. Anyway, I see his appreciation for vinyl, and can respect that as his personal opinion.

Connor, I think you are saying that Vinyl is the newest marketing gimmick and people download it because as consumers, that's the newest thing being shoved down our throats. We fell for the marketing of a false trend. I also agree that marketing pulls shit like this to get people to buy stuff. Are you saying the quality is so poor that he has to like vinyl simply because it is a trend now?

There are things presented to us by marketers that I’ve liked, because I thought it was cool. Not necessarily because it was the “newest fad to follow”. Other shit, I realized was just a mess, and they are just trying to generate revenue for whatever new BS they were selling.

I know if Politux thinks that vinyl sounds better than I’ll accept that as his opinion as what he likes, not him following a fad. He likes it because he thinks it sounds better, not because he’s following the cool crowd.

It doesn’t matter to me. Because my stereo and computer systems is not sophisticated enough to play different formats to tell a real difference. If I had a higher powered system, I would probably concern myself with it more. I use digital since that’s what is easiest for me. Honestly, my shit system, I can’t tell the difference between FLAC, 320, 256kbps, etc. And I don’t have a record player, so I don’t know.

I agree with both of your stances. Sometimes I’ll ignore a trend because it’s becoming a trend, just to not be a cookie cutter consumer. However, I could be missing out on cool things with that attitude. And that’s the beauty of TPB, we can up/download what’s trending and what’s not, all according to our personal preferences.

So don’t fall for trends for the sake of trends, do your own research. If you still like something regardless if it’s a trend, then go for it. Do whatever the fuck you wanna do, not whatever the fuck the marketers tell us is good.
Perfect, thoughtful response LZA. I agree with a lot of what you said. You're absolutely right I'm not following trends. I've had a turntable since 1996 and bought records when vinyl was dying out in the 90s. I did stop buying vinyl because it was getting harder to find for the bands I liked at the time. Now that all the indie stuff from the 90s is being repressed on higher quality 180g vinyl and remastered to boot (a lot of indie bands sounded shitty in the studio because of low budgets and 90s tech) I'm able to FIND the records I like and buy them. The fact that the rest of the world started buying records again is HOW I am able to collect again more easily. Not WHY I started collecting vinyl again. Listen to a quality turntable (Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, Rega, whatever as long as it's at least entry level high end ($400+) and put a clean, mint record on it with proper speakers and amp and you WILL know vinyl sounds better. Crap turntables from big box stores playing scratched, old, dirty, worn, warped records through the wrong type of amp do not sound better than high quality digital.

My objection to connor17's attitude is he doesn't take his personal beliefs and leave them at that. If he did I would respect him for it. But he acts like he is somehow better than people who download off private trackers and listen to higher quality than he does. He can't tell the difference that's fine, I can accept that. But don't look down on people because you disagree with them and don't act like you're better than they are. I've uploaded 2,225 torrents to TPB. If he considers that me "hoarding" he's completely wrong.

Also "marketing" will never end until we have a classless society, ie: total communism. Wink Viva la revolucion. Until then you're tilting at windmills. You can IGNORE marketing trends but getting bent out of shape about them is like getting mad at the sun for shining.

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