Does anyone watch CamRips anymore??
I second that, reonk.
It usually doesn't take too long before there is at least a DVD release. So no, it's not worth it.

Any movie that is cam ripped will sooner or later come out on DVD, or available by other methods.

I can wait.
Only once, over ten years ago.  It was by accident--I didn't pay close enough attention to the file name.
I used to have a cam copy of the Dawn of the Dead remake and whatever theater it was recorded at, the crowd was getting wild. You could see silhouettes of people jumping around cheering, popcorn flying around and even the cam dude laughing and saying wtf to himself the more wild the crowd got. I wish I still had that copy.
hellz no never did never will
I been on UseNet for decades and have not seen a cam rip once

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Imagine this: porno cams!

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