Does anyone watch CamRips anymore??
I hate CamRips. Sad Even if the movie is available only on CamRip, I wait until at least a DVDRip torrent...
Cam rips are pointless, poor picture and even worse sound.

If you must see the film before a good BRRip is available then shell out and watch it at the cinema, you won't regret it!
(Sep 11, 2015, 19:15 pm)renhoek93 Wrote: Do people still watch those shitty quality copies of people in the back of the cinema filming the movie??.

Yes people do watch these "shitty" quality copies, why wouldn't they? Pointless question, no?

For you it might be stupid, for someone else might be freakin awesome cuz they don't the patience of waiting for a good quality, or they just re watch it later on better quality.
Sometimes. If I am desperate to see a cam quality movie, I'll choke up and watch it. Take Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I ended up watching it three times with three different cam rips within one week. But all in all, I try to wait it out. Some cam rips are decent and some are bad. The one thing that I wish cam recording people would do is sit somewhere near the front part of a theater, like on the floor seats, and keep the cam steady. Also, try to keep it centered and not at an angle. As far as the sound goes, possibly go back to the same theater and record only the sound, then dub both together so it sounds more HD/surround. I admit, I tried to record the rebooted Star Trek movie (the first one) but failed miserably; please do not tell me 'you should do it yourself since you are a know it all', I am not, and don't have the calmness you all have that risk getting movies to us fans. Great job by the brave souls who make movies available to us.
That's a big risk.

But nice to meet my first real cam ripper.
Sorry, it has been a while since I could. I watched the star wars cam after seeing it in theaters. So yea. Sometimes people watch the cam.
in previous reply, i say that i never watch CamRip anymore. but i will correcting my wrote.
honestly i has been watch star wars the force awakening CamRip quality because i can wait it out next months Smile
No, I'm never that desperate. It's only TV-series that hook you so much that you MUST know what happened next (I've been known to watch most of a K-drama episode on with no subtitles, trying to guess what was happening, feeling ridiculous the whole time). In films, which are self-sufficient, I see no point in it.
even with todays hd cameras people record on, it doesnt do the movie any justice. better off waiting for dvd/bluray rip
Man that CAM of Pride and Prejudices and Zombies might be the worst one I've ever seen. Video is OK, audio is virtually unlistenable.

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