Does Anyone Program in C Anymore?
Lately, I've been reading the C textbook that I've bought when I learned C in college; it's called C Primer Plus authored by Stephen Prata, and it's published by SAMS Publishing.

You should be able to get it here:

I would normally upload the e-book version that I bought, but it's too much work and it seems that there are newer versions available for download on the link.

Anyway, I've been reading about pointers and functions that have something or another to do with pointers, but never mind.

My issue here is this: do companies and organisations out there still demand C programming knowledge? Do they require you to code in C for their programs?

When I was earning my diploma as Computer and Network Support Technician in 2006, C was the language used for 1st and 2nd semester courses, and then, 11 years later, it still is.

So I'm asking, is my knowledge/experience in C valuable in today's job market? I know many programmers and companies have moved away from black and white to GUIs and web pages. I can see that programming concepts are paramount and C might have GUI extensions (i.e. header files), but those qualities are apparently possessed by Java, .NET, and PHP functionality-wise.

What is the answer?
C is the foundation of:

If you can read C you can have a good start at the rest of the family.
OK, thanks, Kingfish.

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