Poll: Should the almighty and ever-so-humble Sidney Longpeen create a Requests forum?
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Leave us be, you bastard - a single thread is the shit
3 15.79%
You fucking beauty - a dedicated sub-forum will make me cum
13 68.42%
Don't put me on the spot like this - just give me a teddy and nice soft blanket
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Do you want a dedicated requests subforum or what?
(Sep 16, 2016, 18:15 pm)Sid Wrote:
(Sep 16, 2016, 13:08 pm)wolfenspiel Wrote: I agree on a dedicated subforum for requests, BUT... I would also like to see a dedicated subforum for uploads as well.

Not going to happen at this point for reasons I'm not going to go into in this thread but by all means create a thread for that discussion. [I'd recommend leaving it a couple of weeks to give people a chance to get used to this change first.]

If a sub-forum for requests goes ahead, would it be "forum-legal" (abide by Pirates-forum rules) to fulfil the request within the created thread in the way that most of us announce our uploads in the DAZ3D/Poser Uploads Thread?


In the request subforum someone posts a topic like this:

Subject: Unshaven for Genesis 2 Males

Hi, does anyone have this product, I've been looking for it for a while now?

*Inserts product link here*

Then someone else replies in the same thread with this:

Unshaven 2 for Genesis 2 Males (link to upload on TPB)
*Inserts product image here*


Would that be "Forum-Legal"? I don't want Sid to stamp up and down on my head with soccer boots for breaking rules.
^^ Yes, it would be very much like our main request forums.

De4lt Wrote:I don't want Sid to stamp up and down on my head with football boots for breaking rules.

Fixed. Wink
Do you mean could you post an image?


But it would be a waste of your time. When it comes to unsolicited uploads, you are uploading something unexpectedly which others may or may not know about or want to download--so a bit of advertising by way of an image is appropriate. But when it comes to filling a request, you are doing so for the one and only person you know for certain both knows what you're uploading AND wants it. And anyone else who happens along will know before opening the thread what it may/may not contain, so you don't need to advertise to them either--the requestor has effectively done that for you in advance.

But, meh, it's your time to waste so I honestly can't even being to see how you could even imagine I would have a problem with that.


Anyway, it's 11-2 so I'm going to post this and go ahead.

Fingers crossed I hit the right big red button. [Did I ever tell anyone I'm color blind?]
woot!!! sky hasn't fallen (I love it when I don't fuck things up too badly). Will do some more work on the new place tomorrow.
'K, that's the old thread sliced and diced.

Being old and senile young and full of drugs I've forgotten how to set the request/reply guidelines up at the top of the page, and then we can have a discussion about them, but I'm sure one of my colleagues will step in to cover my ass that will come back to me shortly.

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