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Poll: Have you ever needed the software you pirated?
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Do You Need Pirated Software?
Before the reboot of this forum, I did raise this question. Some of you might have remember, but since I though the question was fair, I will raise it again.

Have you ever needed the software that you have pirated?

I'll start. While I felt the need to pirate Windows up until this very day, I've started to look into GNU/Linux. More and more, I have been using GNU/Linux for my everyday needs: office, graphic design, scanning, downloading, Internet use, etc. Ten years ago, I was afraid to touch the waters, but now, I have made plunges.

However, I still need Windows when I use software from companies/organisations that still make useful software for Windows, and games as well, so that is why I still use Windows.

I know I don't need the movies, games, music, and anything to do with entertainment, and I still pirate them, but hopefully in a few years, the matter will expedite itself once I get the money to buy them.

What about you?
The only software that I "Need" to pirate, Is Winrar and Power ISO.
I need both in unlimited and professional grade.
That way I can install all my Games..
Why waste time pirating something u don't need?
If I need it I buy it. If I just want it, I download it.
(Dec 21, 2013, 23:49 pm)darkj6 Wrote: Why waste time pirating something u don't need?

Good point, I'm glad you brought it up. One of my friends told me that people don't need pirated software, they want it. He mostly uses free software, as in freeware and/or GPL. Unlike games, free software is all around, with a few minor exceptions.
Your friend is right.

But no more right than you would be to point out that he doesn't need free software, he merely wants it. You could also point out that he doesn't need clothes either.

There is nothing wrong with wanting stuff.
I never said that anyone is wrong for wanting.

I was trying to explore the issue of pirating if you had an alternative that doesn't require you to spend enormous sums, something that my friend touched on a little.
I only pirate software if it's lite version is bundled with adware/toolbars/other stuff saying 'BUY ME!'. Winamp is a prime example of this.
to be honest i pirate everything only hardware i buy...

and the stores around here sell pirated software so i don't have a choice

and I'm not gonna pay with credit card for a digital download of anything..

I wont pay for something i cant touch
(Dec 22, 2013, 13:46 pm)darkj6 Wrote: to be honest i pirate everything only hardware i buy...

You are honest; I admire that. Smile

Have you ever tried legally-free software?

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