Devine-DL help
I have no idea if this is the correct place to post this, so move this thread/remove it if necessary.

I am currently working on a python script that will download tv shows and movies (similar to StreamFab/DVDFab)
I currently have a working version of the program that will download and put together M3U8 streams from Roku Channel and then using FFMPEG, I can combine the audio and video files together and gives you a full video, and I was able to successfully download the first episode of naruto this way
that part is working great. although I need to specify a link to the specific video/m3u8 file I want to download, but thats not a huge hurdle to pass.

I wanted to try to download something like "How It's Made" but turns out, that show (on roku channel at least) is DRM Protected and is using a different stream format (MPD)
I tried using Devine-DL because I heard its a good tool to use to decrypt the DRM encryption, but I cant seem to get it to recognize the Roku Channel service that ive made, im probably doing something very stupid lol

I have the service here:

I installed devine using pip and it didnt create the devine folder and I had to make it myself, but when I do `devine env info` it shows the above as the env location
maybe installing via pip was an issue, but probably not
if I try to do `devine dl roku` it says "Error: There are no Services added yet, therefore the 'roku' Service could not be found."

Does anyone have any experience with devine and can provide some help?

I am very new to the scene, and have 0 experience using devine, so any help is appreciated
I only have a rudimentary knowledge of python. Not enough to help you with devine. The documentation is sparse.

If you can get the .mpd file, then have a look at this. Hopefully with The Stream Detector and N_m3u8DL-RE, you should (?) be able to (batch) download the videos. (I'd try it out if i had the energy to do it).

Also, there are cracked versions of StreamFab on TPB. Do give it a try. The uploaders are present on the forum in case you need support.

Do post if you make progress.
Good Luck !

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