Can't create account on TPB
Why can I not create an account on TPB.. If I try to create an account there comes The username and/or e-mail address is already in use. 
I know I never used my mail and I tried 2 other mails of me and it didnt work. Can someone help me? 

Best regards!
Pls fix this issue, im also trying to create an account and I have the same problem. Hope it will be fixed soon
Chances are the registration worked first time around, and then you've registered another account thinking the TPB registration email wasn't going to turn up.

Those emails can sometimes take up to an hour (sometimes more) to arrive, and users inadvertently registering multiple accounts while waiting for their TPB registration email is a common occurrence.

Post in Account Issues and list all the usernames and emails you've registered - even if you think it didn't work.
Its still the same issue, you can try it yourself.. like any mail and username you type, there will still come this " The username and/or e-mail address is already in use. " Its an issue that need to be fixed. But anyway thanks for your help!!
The TPB Admin is still doing a bit of work on the site and has temporarily closed registrations until he finishes the job.

Keep an eye on the stats page (yellow 'TPB Status' link at the top of any forum page), particularly the 'New users' column, which will go green once regs are reopened.
@Spud17, Thanks for the information Smile
I tried registering on the tpb but every email username combo i put gives an error message saying its already in use. What can i do to register / comment?
Whaaaaat happend with TPB??? Can someone tell me pls why I can't register and how long till they fix this.. im trying now for 2 days but it's always the same the username or email is already in use. PLS help
Hi, is there anyone who can tell me why TPB closed the registrations and when/if will they reopen them again? Thanks!
Come on guys, how hard is it to fix the register issue? We want to upload Big Grin

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