CIA chief exposed Russian assassination plot to Zelenskyy just before invasion
CIA Director Bill Burns met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on a secret trip to Kyiv just ahead of the Russian invasion last year to share news that appeared to surprise the Ukrainian leader: the Russians were plotting to assassinate him.  The unusual intelligence disclosure helped Ukrainian officials to foil over a dozen murder plots regarding Zelenskyy.

It would seem that a certain suitcase-shitting war criminal has borrowed from Josef Stalin's playbook for murdering Yugoslav communist honcho Josip Tito, with equal success:  Tito would survive Stalin by more than 27 years.

Fun facts:  Tito also survived murder plots by Hitler during World War II.  Like fellow dictators Hitler and Stalin, Tito was a major film buff.  One of his drinking buddies was leading actor Richard Burton, who also portrayed Tito in a film.  What a guy!

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