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Burned PS2 games cannot be cheated?
I have been trying to use burned Action Replays trying to cheat in burned Tekken 5 PAL..
There is always Cannot play this disc,does not regognize the disc..
Or when going to straight in the codes and selecting codes and launch the game,it notifies"Ensure that the game disc is inserted and press ok"
Now I have been trying to insert disc then by eject..The message disappears but comes back..
No matter how many times I do it or press the button..
I have PS2 slim model 90004(I believe..9000 anyway)with mod chip inside..
Playing seems to work..
Sometimes I have to press power switch If I have not use it for hours..So I might get red"insert playstation.."etc text..But it usually boots the game on 2nd try...
I have tried Action Replay v1.10,v1.1(oddmenu..could not figure that one),Armax(with media player and both region codes),Armax,Armax v7.1 and even Gameshark 2v4...But those don´t seem to recognize burned PS2 games..Maybe a safety measure?
Or my PS2 is too new..Is there any way to cheat on burned games?
Or make Action Replays regognize burned discs?.. have tried with other games too..Like BurnOut series..
And if here is not..Is there any other way to put cheat on memory card save?Or similar..
I´m confused...
i have used action replay to trigger cheats on gran turismo 4 for ps2 and it worked fine.
both (AR and GT4) were downloaded from tpb and home-baked.
my ps2 was not chipped, i used a swap magic boot disc instead.
as such, the sensors (2 of them) were locked in the 'closed' position
and i could press the 'eject' button without the console 'knowing' about it.

edit: i remembered something else. when booting action replay
(again i mention i used swap magic for this purpose)
there was an option i had to change every time i used it.
something that could be changed to 'never', 'always', or 'once',
default was 'once', i changed it to 'always'.
after i selected the cheat codes i was requested to insert the game
but i didn't. i pressed whatever button (maybe 'X' or 'start')
as if the game was inserted. since i had changed that default
setting mentioned above, it went back to the initial menu
while keeping the codes selected, and only then i inserted
the game (if original) or swap magic disc again (if pirated).
Thanks for the answer bob..
I have searched all over google and youtube,,I have noticed that too,
that with swap magic those work..But I don´t know what would happen if I would use swap magic on already modded console?
If I remember from reading all the torrents..Some games needs to be  patched and with my modded those don´t..
Lots of little programs.But usually downloads without explanation of what those programs do and work..
Emulation sites for PS2 have knowledge..But their nrules..One forum had save converts and save request..But they noticed it from memory cards(hex or whatever)that those were from pirated games..
There use to be sites with tutorials from ripping and burnig to use ol other utilities.With details and pictures for the newbies.
But I think most of them are taken down..One after another.I only found isozone..
If anyone knows more..Throw some links..
ImgBurn seemed good for the most,but it did not like Action Replays..I had to install Alcohol 120..
With Alcohol 120% full version those burned..speed 4x and tick the PlayStation 2 as format..
I guess I have to keep searching for tutorials..
i hate alcohol. i've always used imgburn to bake ps2 games. i've used it to bake action replay too.
the only game i've ever needed to patch so it would work with swap magic was from EA sports.
bob, is there a way to play burnt PS2 games on an unmodded PS2 without Swap Magic? I don't need it, as I already have a modded PS2 and it runs everything, copied or otherwise, fine. Never mind.

My main reason for posting is that I had the problem as jaffer except it's a translated version of a certain Japanese RPG Tales of Phantasia, which is for the original PSX: it just won't budge with the cheats.
(Nov 15, 2015, 01:07 am)RobertX Wrote: bob, is there a way to play burnt PS2 games on an unmodded PS2 without Swap Magic?

i think there's something called free mcboot (or some similar name)
but i've never tried it, so i'm not sure whether it works or not.

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