Brandon's Cult Movie Reviews: VICE SQUAD
I am sure that everyone on this site are big fans of Brandon and look forward to every new release. Sadly 'VICE SQUAD' was blocked from YOUTUBE and the video is only watchable through a subscription to Brandon's page via Patreon. I have no idea how to download videos from Patreon and the online programmes that claim that they can seem 'ifffy' to say the least, with my antivirus screaming "No, no, no". Therefore I have simply placed my ipad in front of my computer screen and pressed record. The results are more than watchable and I am sure that some poster has more skills than I with video editing and might be able to improve on the sound and picture quality - which are not to bad in any case.
thanks very much for this matman!

brandon tenold is excellent and his videos are like cliff notes riffs with a couple paragraph serious review at the end. great stuff!

hat tip for your old school ripping method! Smile

as a test, i was able to do a 1080p stream rip of the patron trailer for brandon's vice squad video with this setup:
internet download manager 4.61 [payware but well shared online]
portableapps chrome with just ublock origin and autoplaystopper extentions
no vpn [not sure if this matters]

starting portablechrome for the first time after installing IDM will get a prompt of IDM trying to add a chrome extension, just click yes
then, enter url with video to rip and there should be a silver rectangular text box "Download this video" in the upper right corner of video player
if the text box is missing, try moving mouse over the upper right area of video player and the text box should appear
clicking the box will pop up a list of all the available formats, e.g. for this patreon trailer the best was TS file 1080p 4643kbps - pretty good!

anywhoozle, this IDM/chrome setup works nicely for every site i have tried including including ultra q, ultraman 1967, return of ultraman, plus mst3k and lots more

now on to watch your rip!

ps - yes, the moth/bug bonus is awesome!
pps - oh god, the moth is back and now it's flying!!
ppps - well, that was an excellent brandon review of a good sleazy ultra violent crime b-movie. Wings Hauser is good as an evil physcho pimp and both tarantino and scorsese like this one, good stuff!
pppps - [last one] tech feedback: the hand held video looked fine. the sound for brandon with ok but there were a few places when i could not understand the movie audio. no matter, i understood the gist of those scenes... thanks again!!!
Works. Thank you. Here is VICE SQUAD at 1080p.
Great flick, have an original poster. Ramrod!

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