Braless Day
For some reason Bralessday came up in the michel chloe thread. I was grateful for the download, but thought I would make a dedicated thread.

Vids for 2015-2018 were submitted in a torrent. There was a request for the other years up until present.


I was watching some of these vids and became suspicious when I say the same women showing up in different vids. I had the idea that it was pretty candid, but for the same woman to show up in two different videos seems a bit unlikely. A lot of the videos are in the same place, and if you're a women who doesn't like to wear a bra, perhaps it's reasonable, but what does everyone else think? Paid?

I have to admit, romania seems to be a braless paradise. I'm re-watching a lot of the vids to specifically look at the women in the background. so many of them are also braless, lol. It's almost too good to be true.

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