Brain Hacking
Technology known as Brain-to-Brain Interface (BTBI) technology, or BrainNets, has been used to hack my mind by Timothy Michael Wylie aka. Michael Castro aka. Michael Calderon on behalf of Gabriel Terriquez aka. Gabriel Calderon, without permission, and it can be used by nefarious people to hack your mind as well.

My name is Michael Giovanni D. Thoughts have been forced into my brain, initiated by others and also (usually) responsive to my own thoughts. This has been going on for over 3 years. I haven't even been able to hear my own inner voice for 1.5-2 years.

Timothy "Michael" Calderon has falsely accused me of rape (using a Deep Learning CGI-based video, falsely presenting an image of Gabriel and "I"), hacking the world, being a racist, among other things. All of these accusations are completely false. I love my family, friends, co-workers, etc. "Michael" Calderon expressed that he has set me up for criminal cases which are based on false allegations, along with trying to make others who originally loved me, hate me, because I kissed Gabriel during a time when they were not even in a relationship. The drama is that I'm Gabriel's soulmate and Michael Calderon is jealous, so he's abusing the power and assets of several global organizations in an effort to defraud me. I also threw Gabriel in jail, justifiably, at one point, when he did enough property damage to get me kicked out of my apartment, rendering me homeless.

If this is your first time hearing about brain-to-brain interface and nano- technology, It's very real. Make friends in the right places and if you become a targeted individual, let people know! It's not schizophrenia, it's real.

To those that know about this technology, please help me by not believing the untruths told by Michael and Gabriel Calderon, and instead please try to help me, if you can, by exterminating the threat. I have also been led to believe a network was implanted into the middle of my brain without my knowledge after a man named Keith K. used halothane (knockout gas) and performed the operation.

This Technology Is Possible
Future of Privacy Forum:
Wall Street Journal:
Operation Mind Control (Book):


Uses of This Technology
Some Reported Effects & Uses of this Technology:

Alhion Wrote:I’ve been hacked by neuralnanorobots (through Stentrode™, Neural Lace, Neural Dust & Neuropixels) containing Brain-to-Brain Interface Technology. This all happened after a guy named Gabriel Terriquez-Calderon and I kissed and smoked wax marijuana together. The neuralnanorobots were in aerosolized, vapor form, absorbed from smoking the wax marijuana.

I have been hacked for over four years, with about 9 seizure episodes along with arteriovenous malformations and other CNS-related issues. I have been hearing the thoughts of my ex-friend Gabriel Terriquez, his family, other people I know and love and Michael Wylie. These conversations have been never ending and completely torturous to my mind, as thoughts being sent/received are even manipulated by Michael Wylie. Gabriel Terriquez and Michael Wylie engage in sexual interactions nearly every day, at about 3 times per day, in my mind and Gabriel Terriquez claims he has no ability to turn off the technology because Michael Wylie controls it.

Gabriel Terriquez tells me he was trying to break free from his current fiancé, Michael Wylie, using this technology on him by hacking my mind into the situation. Gabriel Terriquez said he gave up on his attempt to break free from Michael Wylie and instead gave complete control of my mind through Brain-to-Brain Interface technology to Michael Wylie.

I’ve been falsely accused of being a rapist and a racist as Michael Wylie continues to claim that I deserve to be hacked by this technology, that I must have done something in my “past life” to have deserved being hacked. Really, the issue was that Gabriel gave up on trying to free himself from Michael Wylie and Michael Wylie is jealous of Gabriel’s relationship with me, so he is making it his personal vendetta to torture me through this technology indefinitely.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue and get my mind un-hacked?
is this done remotely or by injecting something into your body or doing an operation on you?

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