Best Place To Get 4K Movies? Also, Best Practices? How?
Few Questions:
  • What are the few Top Places to DL 4K Movies?
  • Audio?
  • Size?
  • Anything that I am missing?
  • You know, what are the best things to look for, Dolby Atoms, File Size, What's an Overall Great File?
  • Feel Free to drop a comment of your favorite 4K Movie that Looks Amazing! i.e. You HDR Buffs!

Let Me Know!

Please, don't let everyone speak all at once, now ...
I'll have a 4K HDR10 movie to drop you in a couple days. It's running through the encoder right now.
The file size depends on the video and audio codec. It's also dependent on the duration of the film. Longer films require a higher file size.
I can say for the AV1 and OPUS route, you'd be looking at a 10GB to 20GB file size video duration dependent with lossy audio compression.

Just because you have Dolby Atoms and TrueHD audio doesn't mean the video quality will meet your standards. Personally, I would rather skip TrueHD audio. It forces a file size that is not easily distributable or a reduction in video quality.
My fans have said they want a reasonable file size target to be hit, so they can store the films on their hard drives. They also want something that looks decent on their 4K television. That can't easily be done with TrueHD audio.
Noise reduction is one of the worst things for the torrent community in my opinion. PSA, YTS etc. In order to hit file size targets that low, it's required to shave away fine details from the film. This process prevents video compression artifacts from occurring because it increases the bitrate efficiency. You end up getting a film that is very smooth, but lacking depth and details.

Watch. I'll make a file size that is distributable and storable in a couple days. AV1 is more efficient than x265. It shouldn't be required to do this and modify the original film. It will also look much better on a 4K television.
I watch content in 720p so can't related Confused Blush

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