Basic Cable/Extra Cable Subscription
For those who use Media Players to watch downloaded TV shows and movies, do you have a subscription to watch traditional channels using the media player box no less?

I'm considering to buy a hardware media player, and my friend is trying to convince me to get a subscription like Hulu or HBO.

Should I consider?
No. Download torrents watch with VLC on a desktop hooked to your TV. Why pay money for a smaller library?
Good question/answer. Why?

Thanks, politux.

EDIT: Perhaps I should explain this message. The "why" was a rhetorical question like yours, politux. I am going ahead with torrents. Thanks.
No, you can get everything and more in your region through torrents than you can through country and content restrictions because of stupid agreements. I would just advise get into some private trackers with reputable content.
You can enjoy the ease of a commercial service, if you're a "lazy pirate". Better would be a try-before-you-buy; can your friend help with it?

As contrail said, torrent availability is high and if you lack a proper place to put your PC besides the TV (like me), maybe WiFi or a dongle like Chromecast will do.
Finding a video capture card (or usb) capable of ripping the cable signal would be cool, but hard to happen due HDCP.
I'm never lazy when it comes to pirating.

I suppose that's why I burn stuff to disc and, at the same time, keep what I downloaded to hard disk.
Hulu and Netflix are very cheap. And obviously they are legal, but if you have a decent VPN and have no worries about downloading, then there is no reason to get them. But in many ways they are easier than torrenting, so it just depends what you want.
Since you're not lazy and up for challenges on the seven seas, I suggest: Do the cable thing, record all you can, then upload for us! Yarrr!
All right. Thanks guys, you gave me more than what I bargained for.
You can't steal hulu or netflix without some hardware. You can of course download stuff from there from TPB, but you risk getting caught.

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