BSS ToLiss A21N CFM LEAP+PW soundpack
Credit : Airforceproud95(the fake one ofc) in DiscordĀ 

BSS ToLiss A21N CFM LEAP+PW soundpack, installation guide:

1) Locate the PW sound pack file for the A321.

2) Copy the PW sound pack file and paste it into the A321 folder.

3) Duplicate the A321 folder and rename the duplicate folder to "A321LEAP" or any other desired name.

4) Open the duplicate folder and locate the LEAP sound files.

5) Copy the LEAP sound files and paste them into the duplicate folder (A321LEAP) for the LEAP engine variant.

6) Load the ToLiss A20N aircraft in your simulator.

7) Access the ToLiss tablet within the aircraft.

8) Locate the sound settings on the tablet.

9) Set all sound bars to 0 except for the "Aural" sound bar.

Confirm the changes and enjoy the updated sound experience with the BSS ToLiss A21N CFM LEAP soundpack.

Please note that these instructions assume you have already installed the ToLiss A21N CFM LEAP soundpack and have access to the necessary files and folders within your simulator.
Thank you, thank you for sharing more plugins for Xp12
reup plsss
can you re upload? thanks!
(Mar 25, 2024, 07:30 am)climbpowerhk Wrote: can you re upload? thanks!
(Mar 26, 2024, 07:45 am)FosterĀ 1-1 Wrote:
(Mar 25, 2024, 07:30 am)climbpowerhk Wrote: can you re upload? thanks!

you the best!

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