Attempted Coup or Civil War? Chaos Erupts In Russia
It's funny how before all this Ukraine thing started, people didn't really know much about the place.  After all these months of all this nonsense in the press it seems that now everybody is supposed to believe in Ukraine but I beg to differ.  I think that this whole thing is just for nothing and most people still don't know much about Ukraine and most people wouldn't even find it on a map if you asked them.

Maybe it was simply just a stunt to make the place more popular, I think this entire stunt is a failure and in time nobody will care just like all the other things before like the Covid.  There's a series of things going on one after the other, next will come something new whatever they can think of next.  It seems that the news and whatever they put on there is seeming to be some kind of control device or weapon but it doesn't work on me not in the slightest and I couldn't give a damn about any of it.  I don't watch TV much anymore, when I read the news (well actually I don't even read it) but when I look at the stories I mean I just see them as all being the same a waste of time and a load of headache that achieves nothing at all.

Just watch out because once this whole Ukraine thing has worn completely thin there's something coming along that they've already plotted out and it's ready to roll into operation.  Making sure how people think and act is paramount to their plans, the entire 'Plan-demic' has not finished yet so watch this space.  As far as I'm concerned nothing has really changed in years but for some reason people think it has it hasn't though, everything is the same and Russia don't give a damn either about what the West thinks.  Biden is full of crap as per usual and Putin probably can't stand the guy and thinks he an old senile man with bad politics that make no sense at all.

The entire thing is very sketchy, make what you want of it but it just seems like a load of horse shit to me, if you wanna step right in it go ahead.  The news is garbage and follow all that with a pinch of salt, one lie to the next and simply follow suit and jump on their bandwagon if you're really that bored...
So, if nobody knows what's going on here and are being fed lies, how are we supposed to take your good word that "Putin is an a-OK guy" or that it's "horse shit?"

Because you're RodneyYouPlonker?
(Jun 29, 2023, 06:20 am)RobertX Wrote: So, if nobody knows what's going on here and are being fed lies, how are we supposed to take your good word that "Putin is an a-OK guy" or that it's "horse shit?"

Because you're RodneyYouPlonker?

To be honest and you just asked me this question.  The answer to you is that I'm not interested in talking about any of this with you because I don't care at all.  I learned this over about 2 weeks ago from that previous thread that your input on this subject is completely pointless and therefore I have no intention in going back there again I think it's safe to say that I have moved on since then.  If you want to revisit the whole thing over and over then you go right ahead and do that but leave me out of it.  If you can't see it's all propaganda nonsense that the news is spewing out then it is not worth discussing with you.  In the same respects as Butler I just think the whole situation is pointless, I will post what I think but don't expect me to answer your questions as I have more important things to spend my time on, you go right ahead but I will just continue as I am.  Thanks for your input but no thanks, if you want to be brainwashed then so be it, you can count me out of that scenario...
Yea, that whole coup thing was an idiotic blunder. Lots of questionable loyalty leaders are now killed in the war fighting. Probably most everybody witness to the early war atrocities have long since been killed. So there will be few if any Russians to admit any of the deplorable stuff even for the history books. And now the "coup" leaders private jet has crashed killing all on board. That mouthy Progozin cheff dude that served Bush 2 wine, was on the passenger list. No doubt Putin henchmen are racing to the scene to collect trophies to pickle in a jar. Americans collected Japans Yamamoto's teeth after they shot his plane out of the sky during WW2. He had distinctive teeth that matched his photos. Irans terror chief Soleimanis parts were also collected by somebody after our missile blew him apart. I have a picture of his finger with that distinctive Iranian ring still attached. Whoever took the pics no doubt grabbed the finger, and is now likely in a pickle jar on somebodies book shelf. Putin is a very smart tyrant. It will be very hard to end his reign. And that is probably a good thing for the world. There are no signs anybody else over there is more humane.
I went over to Russia several years back.  To be honest the place was completely normal, I didn't see anything wrong with the country.  It was just a completely normal place with normal people and nothing strange or weird about it at all.  Again as far as Putin the guy seemed to be doing a good job with the place.  The people were well kept and well educated they had a strong sense of knowledge and a wealth of history to talk about.  I couldn't see anything wrong with Russia at all the place was really very good and I had only positive things to say.  Since then I just blame the left Wing media of the west.  Their stories are total rubbish and it's all to be non-believed in every way possible.  The left wing media are total crap in all respects and they put out such nonsense in the news because they are completely bored with themselves and they are trying to make lots of money so they can be rich and wealthy and buy their kids' education and get them into college and buy 2 houses and pay for expensive holidays in the Maldives.  Whoever created this whole bullshit fake war you've got to blame the USA government to start with and their left wing leader he is a complete joke and has caused all this trouble from the get-go.  Such a load of nonsense and it was all planned right from the start it began in 2020 and it's still going on now the so called 'Plan-demic' was already written like a book and they just needed fear to spread all their worry and panic across all countries and yes it worked with millions of people and now those millions have a problem admitting how they got suckered into it all.  If you ask me I just say Putin didn't want to play like the cats of the West and wanted to do it all his way and therefore they didn't like it and Ukraine wanted to be like the West so that also drew a line between the 2 nations and then turned into a game of 'who's going to claim what?'.  Those 2 nations, Ukraine and Russia have been falling out on and off for hundreds of years now a bit like a brother and sister fall out and slap each around the family home.  There's people in America that don't even know what Russia and Ukraine are because they only know what America is and don't understand what it's all about going beyond the boundaries of the USA.  Some people are really thick these days there's a lot of young people spend their whole time on their phone looking at a news feed so no wonder they don't even know what's outside the USA.  I bet you know that Trump will be in next and these other idiots like Biden will be gone soon.  The whole thing since the beginning of last year has been a total mess and are you even surprised that it is anyway because I'm not and I really don't care anyway people die all the time of all kinds of things.  The more that people pay attention to the media the more you feed them and give them some kind of self importance.  The whole thing is a scam really if they make you fear all kinds of things like viruses and war and death then it works for them and they get paid very happy they can get their 2 houses to live in and some good university education for their kid to go to Uni and study exactly the same thing the parents did and just repeat it all over again.

Putin just wants what's better for the East, to him the West and Nato are the enemy and with Biden being the most powerful leader in the West I think that Nato are a very serious threat.  When the Queen of England died last year Biden wasn't allowed to sit near the front he was pushed back a few rows behind the Polish president and I say good for doing that really Biden deserved that he's not a good leader and only a matter of time before Trump gets back in to sort all this bullshit mess out that was once a good country but now has messed up in a serious way so well done Democrats you really achieved your goal *Sarcasm*.

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