Anyone notice slower "free" shipping from amazon?
F amazon and their "free shipping" they let orders sit(seen them sit for up to 6 days) so many threads of users saying the same on the web
I hear they watch their official forums about people complaining about this and "they" ship the items if the people complaining soon after
Anyone else know of others that use this business practice?
*tip EMAILING them about the status if your orders can "help" your items "ship" out sooner
it's free shipping... it's supposed to be slow. it's a selling point in an advertisement. if you need it faster, upgrade your shipping options, or better yet... shop locally and support your local retailers.
That's free shipping. Take your pick: Pay nothing and wait 1-2 weeks, or Pay 5-50 bucks Tongue
They must really like me. I very rarely wait more than 7 days from order to door. Not bad at all for free.

Honestly, complaining about free shipping is like complaining when someone doesn't get a torrent up fast enough.
Been shopping on amazon since 04" never seen shipping this slow it's really them letting the orders just sit there this is the 2nd personal order I've seen sit there the actual shipping(usps fedex ups dhl ontrac etc) are good generally I like the usps the best Ill still use free shipping tho just sayin(it used to be $25 for free shipping now it's $35)amazon charging tax now is not as appealing I generally prefer ebay and paypal 2x
if you shop locally, you won't have to worry about shipping.
The way they work is they may not always have the items in stock and if someone orders a paid shipping on a popular item all the paid shipping gets shipped before they ship out something that is not in such demand. I have never had issues with anything with free shipping taking over 7 days and most of the time it shows up 2 days before they say it should. I do however normally order items that they don't sell a ton of.

So you can pay and get high in the queue or take it for free and be lower priority.

I have bought stuff off amazon that cost 1$ and had it shipped for free because it would cost me more than 1$ in gas to get to the store than i would have to go walk through it to find it etc. I know it was lazy but at the same time i didn't care if it took 3 weeks to get to me.

I do shop alot less online now that they charge tax though.

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