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A New Thread
Now I really wanted to add this to the "some food for thought" thread, but I couldn't could I? Why, because I'm a great believer in starting a NEW THREAD, for a new subject.
There is so much to be gained, and literally, so much to be lost, if threads are allowed to get too long, and subjects allowed to change, within a thread.
I am a Moderator on a completely different site, on a completely different subject, but I see the same problem happening there.
Threads seem to have two types of lives, they either just slow gradually to a stop, naturally, and become a dead thread, or, they go on and on and on and on.
The thread that grinds to a halt is by far the better type of thread. It has run its course and reached its conclusion naturally. The other, although it seems to have energy, and seems to be alive, is more often in fact, just repeating the same thing over and over again. Going round in circles.
Threads need to be terminated, not eliminated, but left as a reference, for those new people to read. The ones you know are going to ask the same questions, again and again. The thread should be an interesting read and end in a tidy fashion, with ideally, a start, a middle and an end. A thread that others can point towards as a good answer to a common question. A F.A.Q. So to speak.
One should not be afraid to end a thread. I have seen so much interesting, important and pertinent material, being buried under just chat, and arguments of no point. Never to be found again. Such a shame.

Oh well, that's my two peneth. Let the rath descend on me.

That's pretty much the way we operate things outside of these two communities, for the same reasons.

Maybe that will be the evolution here as well, now that it is part of the SB family. That will be up to the members.
* Sid lulled

Ironically (as I know you intended) this post actually does belong in the "food for thought" thread. And (as I'm sure you realize) the corollary is that having multiple threads on the same subject buries information just as effectively as having single threads on multiple subjects.

I'll resist the inclination to merge it Wink
LMFAO! (or...should I start a new thread to say that? Tongue )

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