502 Bad Gateway for weeks now
I have not been able to access TPB in weeks. It has said

Error 502 Ray ID: 45ddb2ef6ecbc1db • 2018-09-21 15:52:26 UTC
Bad gateway

for a few weeks now
I'm having the same issues.
Error 502 Ray ID: 45de0115ef116bb6 • 2018-09-21 16:45:47 UTC

Bad gateway
I'm not trying to be critical, but this issue has at least been answered 20 bajillion times, along with the erratic search result issues. I know life is busy and we don't always have time to read through all the BS, but this is a well-known issue that is being worked on. As soon as there is a resolution We will all be notified here.

In the meantime, I've learned through prior posts here that a workaround is to use the tor network and access the onion site of the pirate bay through Tor.

You can learn about/download tor here: Tor link
Also, you can download Tor by clicking the link at the very top of the page in this forum where it says "Download Tor Browser" in yellow.

It's used for the deep web mostly, but can also be used for the normal (surface web) sites if it has an onion address. When you use tor you need the onion site in Tor as that provides a more complete security than if you use the normal HTTP address.

Here is the TPB onion address (which is listed at the bottom of this website): http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/ 

Here is a link to the Suprbay forum (also at the bottom of the website: http://suprbayoubiexnmp.onion/

Again,  i'm not trying to be redundant by posting links already listed here, but if people are missing the info posted in threads, its possible they are missing these links too...

Once Tor is downloaded and you have the onion link It should work. If for some reason it errors (which happens), I'd say give it 15 min or so and try again.

Once accessed, here is a screenshot with timestamp showing it works as of the time I'm posting this with a "random" search of something to download showing it works:

[Image: 521vfKl.png]

PLease note: you can't just click the magnet in tor, you have right click the magnet to copy, paste the link into your torrent client. I'll illustrate in uTorrent, because that's what I use...

[Image: Sxb8kvy.png]
Then, paste in uTorrent by clicking the "add Torrent from URL" button, which is this:
[Image: q264HcS.png]
When the dialog box pops, paste the link like so, then click ok, then tell it where you want it to save:
[Image: 6e2WQrQ.png]
Once it knows  where to save it, whalla!
[Image: jjemGI5.png]

All this I learned from people smarter than me in prior messages, and if I can do it, anyone can. I'm assuming uploading works the same (I've never tried to upload...)if you have questions, I would recommend posting AFTER searching here for the answer here first. Many threads in the site issues forum about this

I hate to see people going without stuff they want, and really don;t want to see uploads being missed knowing that the website can be accessed through a different venue...
A workaround may be Tor, but that further says it nothing to do with DNS... Either cloudflare issue or website issue. I stopped torrent because of this,,,

I'm leaning towards its a site issue, because many other torrent sites use cloudflare as well

One advantage of regular browser it knows what a magnet link is.
search the forum before posting threads.

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