"50 Classic Christmas Songs For The Perfect Holiday" iTunes issue
Not sure where shall I put this but anyone here downloaded the "50 Classic Christmas Songs For The Perfect Holiday" 1-3? (Torrent links: http://thepiratebay.sx/search/VA%2050%20...day/0/99/0) and added it on iTunes? Cause some of the songs there are not working like Frank Sintara's "Jingle Bells" it says 0:00 but when I play it on VLC, it plays. Anyone had the same issue as I am? Is there a way could I fix it?

Thanks guys! Smile
Idk specifically the place either, I guess Applications and Software?

Either way, I can't know for sure. I'm just spouting BS here with my thoughts but it might have been an error somewhere along the way and it won't work with itunes, because it's finicky. VLC is good at reading all formats so that's why it works with it.

But that's just me thinking out loud, sorry that I have no real answer.
Music is a proper place for this, given that anyone who comes to browse this section has an interest in this subject, and the best knowledge to fix it.

I downloaded and had a peek, and discovered that all the files that won't play have Amazon's fingerprints all over them.

iTunes improperly thinks they have a 48K sampling rate, so it chokes on them.

It is possible the Amazon files have corrupted headers, or maybe iTunes is not smart enough to properly read those files.

VLC handles them much better, and can fix them at the expense of tossing all the metadata in the process.

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